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About Texas Radio TV

Dynamic Global Media and Quanah Productions are proud to announce their latest video production and distribution project, TexasRadioTV.com. KVQT Channel 21 is a TV Channel broadcasted to Texas Radio TV.
DGM has created a multi-media Network with people from Texas, people that have heard of Texas, and people that love Texas. Texas People, Places, and Passions are the focus of Texas Radio TV.
We have created a Radio station and Television channel on KVQT Channel 21 and the ability to deliver the platform to a website. Texas related programming and music in a multi-media broadcast system available to world. We cover Texas three ways; Texas Legends Radio, Texas Television Network, and KVQT Channel 21. Texas People, Texas Places, Texas Music, Texas Events, Everything Texas related.
For our Advertisers and Sponsors we target the exact market you are trying to reach with sight, sound, and motion. We are about storytelling from deep in the heart of Texas. We want to offer Texas business and agencies an opportunity to create their own Television program. If they want to have an impact they need to have a story. The Radio and Television Media is the best story telling tool ever invented. We will help them create their own show, their own Television brand and move light years at light speed beyond what any sales and marketing advertisers have done in the past.